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※Our History
Shaanxi Coal Industry and Chemical Group Shenmu Energy Development Co., Ltd. was founded in November 2009, located in Shenmu County, the largest semi coke production area - Sunjiacha Town Caragana Tower energy-carrying industrial concentration area. Shenmu Coal Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. represents Shaanxi Coal Industry and Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. in the form of joint-stock system, with the local Lianzhong, Laixi, Wuzhou, Dongyuan four private enterprises, in line with the "sincere cooperation, harmonious development, mutual benefit and win-win" concept of cooperation, jointly formed a new energy and environmental protection coal chemical enterprise . Mainly engaged in production of semi coke, coal tar, gas, electricity, calcium carbide products and sales.
The company has six branches, namely Lianzhong, Laixi, Wuzhou and Dongyuan,Branches of Lanzhou and Jieneng Power Generation Branches and Electric and Chemical Branches, covering an area of 66.40 hectares, registered capital of 1.399 billion yuan, with a total investment of 2 billion yuan. The industrial planning conforms to the strategic decision and deployment of the Shaanxi provincial government on the "three transformations" of the energy and chemical industry base in northern Shaanxi, meets the requirements of comprehensive utilization of energy and development of circular economy, and will have a positive demonstration significance for the development of Yulin energy and chemical industry and Shenmu regional economy.
The company will continue to adhere to the scientific concept of development, relying on the brand advantages of Shaanxi Coal Group and Shenmulan Charcoal, with more full enthusiasm and pragmatic work style, to create a distinctive feature of the domestic circular economy of excellent coal chemical enterprises vision goals, strides forward!
※Our Factory
Four Branches of Semi Coke Production completed and put into operation 2.6 million tons/year in early 2010; 4 *50 MW gas power generation; 2 *50 MW units in September 2010; 2 *50 MW technical renovation project started in October 2011; completed and put into operation in June 2013; 300,000 tons/year sealed carbide comprehensive utilization demonstration project started in September 2010 On October 14, 2012, the first calcium carbide furnace was successfully commissioned. The 2 #, 3 #, 4 # furnaces were commissioned on March 25, May 25, June 25, 2013, respectively. After the power supply, the product was stable and qualified. At present, the company has formed a complete coal-coke-electricity-chemical integrated circular economy industrial chain, with an annual output of 2.6 million tons of Semi Coke, annual power generation 4 X50 MW and annual output of 300,000 tons of calcium carbide production capacity.
From January to July, 2018, the total output was 1.4951 million tons, of which 1.2545 million tons of semi coke and 1.65 million tons of calcium carbide were produced, generating 83.823.26 million degrees of electricity. The total profit was 88 million 640 thousand and 600 yuan, an increase of 36 million 30 thousand and 100 yuan over the 52 million 610 thousand and 500 yuan a year earlier.
※Our Product
Semi coke
※Product Application
Semi coke can be used for indoor heat preservation, home cooking, fireplace, small boiler and agricultural production of dry industry.
In addition, the application of blue-coke in reducing agents, adsorption materials, blast furnaces and other fields is also expanding. Especially in the carbonaceous reducing agent has unique performance, economic advantage is very obvious.
Semi-coke as a kind of new carbon material, with the characteristics of high fixed carbon, high resistivity, high chemical activity,low ash, low aluminum, low sulfur, low phosphorus, has gradually replaced the metallurgical coke and widely used in theproduction of calcium carbide, iron alloy,ferrosilicon, silicon carbide products,etc.It has became an irreplaceable carbon materials.
Semi-coke can completely replace the general coke, and the quality is superior to a number of standardsof the national metallurgical coke, coke and ferroalloy coke. So blue-coke has higher application value in the improvement of downstream product's quality level,energy conservation reduction of production cost, increase production and so on .
※Production Equipment
Semi Coke Production completed and put into operation 2.6 million tons/year in early 2010, annual output of 2.6 million tons of semi coke.Chemicals

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